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Rug Cleaning Services in West Ottawa

Looking for premium, eco-friendly dry cleaning in the west end of Ottawa? Call now at 343-308-2692

For fresh, clean rugs, Star Fashion Cleaners uses the latest cutting-edge technology in our expert rug cleaning services. Call today for details.

Area Rug Cleaning Services in Munster and beyond

Like wall décor, area rugs add a touch of flair to any room. However, unlike paintings and other wall-mounted decorations, rugs tend to see quite a lot of foot traffic, and as a result, they get dirtier faster. You could even say that area rugs serve a practical purpose, trapping dust and dirt within themselves and preventing these from circulating around the house.

This means that rugs need to be cleaned fairly often, which is where the experts at Star Fashion Cleaners come in. Thanks to over three decades of dry-cleaning experience, we know all the techniques for removing dirt and grime from your floor coverings, restoring your rugs’ original beauty in no time. Call today for details.

Over 30 years of cleaning rugs


Rug Cleaning Services Munster
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Why Choose Professional Rug Cleaners

You might think that you could just wash and vacuum your rugs regularly and they’ll remain pristine, but that’s never the case. Normal household cleaners often leave behind residues which can attract more dirt and dust and undo all your efforts.

Which is why thousands of customers throughout the Richmond area trust Star Fashion Cleaners! We use specialized tools and equipment designed for whatever kind of rug you have, our cleaning solvents don’t leave behind any sticky, dirt-attracting residues and we know how to preserve the colours in your rug to keep them vibrant and fresh.

Our team does everything we can to make sure your area rugs look beautiful, vibrant, and refreshed at the end of the cleaning process. Call today for details.

Vibrant, refreshed rugs


Rug Cleaning Services Richmond

Ontario’s Greenest Dry Cleaners

Enjoy fresher, brighter results from Star Fashion Cleaners. Your first choice for high-quality,
eco-friendly dry cleaning in Munster, Richmond, or Dunrobin?

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